What is JavaScript

JavaScript, the king of web applications, is a free and the most popular scripting programming language that operates on both the customer and server-side. The purpose of designing the JavaScript was to interact for “interactive front-end web development.” Still, for the last few years, its usage has extended to “back-end web development,” which leads to enhance the number of people involved in learning JavaScript.


For JavaScript,  keep practicing and always be ready for new challenges. You may waste days or weeks when you don’t know the exact issue, and you will get there with the best practice. Any UI-based programming and language require consistent practice and great patience.

Due to the increased number of beginners wanted to learn JavaScript, various tutorials and online courses are also becoming widespread. Everyone providing online course services and tutorials declares its services as providing the simplest or the most effective way to learn JavaScript. Formerly, JavaScript was referred to as “LiveScript,” but later, the name was altered to “JavaScript” by Netscape. Like other programming languages, learning JavaScript also consumes a lot of time and customer engagement or commitment. Therefore, one should have to be sure why he/she needs to know JavaScript and his/her next step or goal after learning JavaScript. If one feels serious about learning JavaScript, then he/she should invest money and time in learning it; otherwise, it will be just a waste of time or money.

JavaScript is versatile and suitable for beginners. With extensive experience, you can generate games, 2D and 3D graphics, complex database-driven applications, and more. JavaScript itself is pretty compact but very flexible. In addition to the primary language JavaScript, many tools provide many functions with minimal effort, which are given below:

  • The browser application programming interface (API) built into the web browser has functions such as creating dynamic HTML and custom CSS styles, collecting and managing video streams from the user’s webcam, or creating 3D graphics and audio samples.
  • Third-party APIs that allow developers to embed functionality on the websites of other content providers (such as Twitter or Facebook).
  • One can apply a Third-party framework to HTML to speed up the creation of sites and applications.

                    JavaScript Roadmap


How to Start learn JavaScript?


Here are some ways featuring how to start JavaScript learning for Beginners to Pro.

Ø Start Learning JavaScript through an Online Course for Beginners

For beginners, the most appropriate way for learning JavaScript is through an online JavaScript course or Tutorials. If one wants to learn quickly, effectively, and without losing any critical information, then he/she must have to enroll himself/herself in an online JavaScript course.

The advantages of online learning are following

  • The Flexibility of Online Courses: It is a flexible learning way that means there is not any time or place restriction. This feature makes the online course the best way for those who cannot be punctual and can’t attend physical lectures in university computer courses regularly.

§   Effective Learning Way:

Online course is the most effective way for people who are busy in daily routine and haven’t much time to dedicate to physical learning of JavaScript. As in online courses, limited time is invested, and I will gain the bulk of complete knowledge about JavaScript upon course completion.

§   Cost-Effective Learning:


Many people can’t afford a massive amount of JavaScript courses, so learning by online courses is a cost-effective way. In addition, many websites or channels, including “Udacity,” “Coursera,” and “edX,” are providing online learning services at a very cost-effective rate or even free of cost.

If one is seriously interested in learning something new, he/she can quickly achieve his/her goal without facing any problem regarding time and money.

Beginners wanted to learn JavaScript through tutorials, must have to think about his/her learning manner, i.e., either he/she prefer to learn via watching videos, or via tutorials based on text or via doing things. Then one will be able to find an online course that meets his/her requirements.

Beginners can consider following online JavaScript courses.

  • The Interactive JavaScript Tutorial provides a facility to learn by an interactive online course. It is perhaps the most appropriate way for beginners of JavaScript learning because instantly, after learning something, one can practice what he/she knows. This course covers the essential information or knowledge about JavaScript language and its implementation in web development. It also facilitates the user or learner to directly practice the code writing in his/her web browser.
  • Alternatively, edX also provides an online JavaScript course for beginners. This course includes a front-end web development program and effectively teaches the beginner how to use JavaScript.
  • After completing the introductory courses, if one wants to learn deeper into JavaScript, he/she should join the intermediate JavaScript course provided by Udacity.
  • Udemy provides services for JavaScript learning from beginners to advanced levels. After intermediate level, one can also join an advance online JavaScript course offered by Udemy.

Ø  Through Physical Networking Programs

Physical networking programs involve a prodigious way to interact with others interested in computer programming in your field. Becoming social on these occasions helps you increase your contacts with the people who can help you develop or enhance your programming skills by guiding you most effectively. In this way, you can also find good friends in addition to knowledge or skills. Beginners can also join local or social media groups of JavaScript through Facebook, WhatsApp, meetup websites, and other websites.

Ø Practice JavaScript Code Writing

Once a beginner started learning an online JavaScript course, he/she should begin to practicing writing code skills regularly. One of the most appropriate ways for online practice is by “free online JavaScript exercises and challenges.” It is a free and simple way for code writing practice to perform particular functions. The website provides a few instructions, guidelines, and targets to achieve at the end. In addition to this, a beginner can write codes to solve problems. This service provides an excellent way to practice skills of JavaScript and to strengthen the knowledge.

Suppose a JavaScript beginner wants to practice simple code writing programs after learning. In that case, he/she should move towards “Hacker Rank or Hacker Earth” websites providing a broad range of coding exercises for various programming languages like JavaScript. Moreover, they also organize contests between the beginners and distribute money and prizes among the winners.

Guidelines for Learners of JavaScript

Suppose one wanted to learn JavaScript at Pro or advanced level by moving himself/herself from coding newbie to master coding, which is perhaps an extensive and complicated process. In that case, a few tips or guidelines about efficiently learning JavaScript are given below:

·        Regular Practice

Regular practice is the key to retentive fresh knowledge or information and advancing one’s programming skills swiftly. Therefore, the learner should practice as much as he/she can and should try to write code daily; even if one finds just five minutes to practice, he/she should consume this time to emphasize his/her coding skills or knowledge. “BitDegree’s Code Editor” can be utilized for this purpose.

·        Make or Obtain Programming Notes

Many learners face problems by taking online classes and don’t feel the need to make or obtain detailed notes. Due to this, they get trapped when they wanted to look back or revise something but have nothing in their hands. In addition to revision, the notes also help them to emphasize new thoughts and concepts.

·        Write Code Spontaneously

The simplest way to practice JavaScript coding is to start writing the code as soon as possible. Thus, soon after gaining basic knowledge about JavaScript, it’s time to start writing code. Initially, regulation should not be complicated; learners should begin with an easy concept and write the code to solve the problem, e.g., writing a simple program distinguishing even and odd numbers.

·        Follow Best Coding Practices

Another mistake that learners often made is get involved in bad habits. For example, the learner should always follow best coding practices by regularly adding comments and leaving the white right space, or else the learner can get stuck into problems in the future.



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