Some people can afford fancy vacuum cleaners that go up to $1000. So you are on a budget and need a cleaner under $200. You can still get a quality vacuum cleaner that will last for long.

Your choice of vacuum cleaner will be based on the specific features you are looking for, and how they are going to benefit you.

Looking for the best vacuum cleaners in the market can be a challenge, especially with a budget of $200.

So many models are available and unfortunately not all will deliver the best results. If you are on a budget of $200 and below, this review will greatly help you select the right vacuum for your home.

Thing to consider Before Buying Vacuum Cleaner Under $200

Just like other household things you buy, there are specific things that help you determine the type of product you want to buy. Buying vacuum cleaners is not different; you need to have a list of things that will enable you to make a wise purchase.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is your needs. This will help you select the right product that meets your requirements. There is a great vacuum that can be good for stairs, cleaning carpets and bare floors, cleaning pet hair among others.

Once you have identified your needs, you can select a vacuum cleaner that will deliver.

The level of noise is another consideration when buying a vacuum cleaner. Noisy vacuum cleaners can be annoying. Effective cleaning requires a smooth vacuum that operates silently.

You should also consider the features of every vacuum. This is what sets a difference from one vacuum cleaner to another. Select the right based on the benefits that will be delivered by each feature.

How I Selected best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200

We carried out a research and testing for several hours to come up with top 5 best vacuum cleaners below $200 that will be a great purchase.

This involved professional vacuum recommendations and reviews from trusted sources like CNET, and interviews from different vacuum dealers.

We tested several models, and we were in a position to pick the best vacuum cleaners with better cleaning performance.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

The Shark vacuum cleaner is designed to help you achieve a quick clean up around your home. it features an advanced cyclonic technology that is effective in separating dirt from the air hence preventing clogging of the filter. This gives the filter a long life while keeping the suction power strong.

With its Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filtration, you are rest assured of capturing up to 99.9 percent of allergens and dust. This leaves your house smelling fresh.

It’s powerful suction makes this vacuum cleaner ideal for carpet deep cleaning. It has the ability to lift even the embedded dust and dirt particles in the thickest carpets in your home.

For its price, Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright vacuum cleaner offers a combination of benefits that makes cleaning easy.

You can move around any obstacle with the swivel steering making it very easy to clean different surfaces. This lightweight vacuum is an ideal selection for a person looking for a compact and high-performance vacuum cleaner at an affordable price.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Advanced cyclonic technology for powerful suction
  • An extra large capacity dust cup and Powerful pet attachment tool
  • Swivel Steering
  • Clean all types of surfaces

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Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright (HV302)


This is another affordable cleaning tool that will do a perfect cleaning in your house. Having pets and kids who cause messes around your home requires you to have a super cleaning tool like the Shark Rocket Ultralight for a thorough cleaning.

This is a great vacuum for carpet deep cleaning and bare floor. You can get control over the vacuum with its swivel steering in order to move around obstacles in the house. This cleaner is designed in a slim design that makes it easy to clean difficult areas such as under the furniture.

If you want effective furniture ad stair cleaning, you can use the handheld vacuum that helps you achieve quick cleanups. With this versatile cleaner, you can clean the floor as well as above floor areas such as the ceiling. The presence of a cleaning wand allows you to reach such surfaces without any difficulty.

This portable cleaner makes cleaning effortless, and it is easy to store. Transporting it from one place to another in your house is very simple because of its lightweight.

You can give it a try, and you will be surprised how it delivers perfect cleaning within a short period of time.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Never Loses Suction, Never Loses Power
  • Swivel steering for ultimate cleaning control
  • Easy to Empty Dust Cup
  • Two Speed Brush Roll
  • flexible Floor to Ceiling Cleaning

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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8-Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum


Heavy vacuum cleaners make cleaning a troublesome activity. This is because they are difficult to transport and make your work tiring. With Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS, you can take cleaning anywhere in your house. This is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean areas close to the cabinets, under the furniture or baseboards among other places.

The presence of a helping handle makes this vacuum different from other models existing on the market. This handle makes it easy to vacuum since it provides a comfortable hold. This means you will not experience squeezing of the hand or twisting of the wrist.

You can achieve a quick cleanup with the 12-inch wide cleaning path hence save more time. The cleaner features an automatic floor adjustment that enables it to move from carpets to hard surfaces without altering the manual setting.
You do not have to worry about damaging the floor or furniture. The cleaner features non-marring bumpers that prevent such damages from occurring in course of cleaning.

With the side brushes, you are in a position to clean all dirt lying along the baseboard and corners. This ensures that every surface in your home is well cleaned. The upright vacuum cleaner is easy to use and operate. It has received a commendation from the Arthritis foundation. This indicates higher performance meeting your cleaning needs.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • 12-inch-wide cleaning path
  • Ease-of-Use Commendation Hand handle
  • Automatic floor adjustment
  • Double helix brushes whirl at 6500 rpm

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Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagged Upright, U6485900


Is cleaning wearing you out with your current vacuum cleaner? This should not be the case; you need a vacuum cleaner that is easy to operate and delivers the desired outcomes. Make cleaning easy and fast with the Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled vacuum. With this self-propelled vacuum cleaner, you only need to steer, and it does the hard work.

This is an ideal cleaner for people suffering from allergies. It has a nice filtration with HEPA media bag that gives you the opportunity to breathe fresh air because all the dust is trapped inside the bag.

Cleaning will never be the same again when you have an effective cleaner like the Hoover Anniversary. With its embedded dirt finder, you are able to tell when it finds dirt and turns green when no more dirt can be found.

It also features a headlight that illuminates areas, for instance, under the furniture to achieve a thorough cleaning.With its WindTunnel technology, all dirt that is embedded on various surfaces is removed for a superb cleaning.

You will not experience blow-back and scatter on your carpet once you are through with vacuuming.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Self-propelled for easy cleaning
  • Embedded DirtFinder sensors
  • Patent WindTunnel technology
  • Bag made with HEPA media
  • Powerful headlight for cleaning at low light or dark areas

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Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70935


Hoover’s vacuum products are among the cleaning tools that are widely bought on the market today. They are made to make cleaning easy and quick in any home.

For those who love pets, you need to be in love with the Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet cleaner too. It deals perfectly well on unseen and seen pet hair on the carpets and floors.

The filter is made of HEPA media that traps 99.97 percent of dust, dirt and allergens. In addition, it has a carbon layer that absorbs odors leaving your house smelling fresh.

This vacuum cleaner lifts rooted dirt with its WindTunnel 3 Technology that creates three channels of suction to trap dirt deep down the surfaces.It features multi-floor brushroll on/off switch that allows you to move from floor to carpet cleaning with a press of a button.

Other things that make cleaning include the pet turbo tool, pet upholstery tool and the crevice tool that are designed to help you clean variety of surfaces around your home.

Once you are through with cleaning, you can easily empty the dirt with its convenient bottom-release cup. Using the auto-cord rewind, you can easily rewind the cord within a few seconds in order to store the vacuum cleaner safely.

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 Features at a Glance 

  • Multi-Floor Brushroll On/Off
  • Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology
  • Carbon & HEPA Media
  • Pet Turbo Tool and Pet Upholstery Tool

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Final Verdict

By now, you can make the right decision and get a vacuum cleaner for your home that works. You do not have to select any vacuum cleaner that you come across because they meet your budget needs.

Spend more time on research and find out the specific things you need your ideal vacuum cleaner to have. This will help you spend your money wisely and get a high-quality vacuum cleaner.

Even if you have a budget of $200 and below, you are not limited to getting quality vacuum cleaners. You do not necessarily have to spend more money in order to get an expensive vacuum for great cleaning outcomes.

There are cleaners that are designed to offer ease of use, durability and strong suction power at very affordable prices.

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